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CCTV ‘failing to protect lives’



Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.56.57FOLLOWING an assault in Ammanford, one family has been demanding answers as to why the town’s CCTV cameras were switched off on the night of the attack.

Tracy Joy the future mother-inlaw of the victim is outraged that the assault was not recorded. She claims lives are being put on the line and justice is being hampered if this is a regularly happening.

She said: “I can understand that live monitoring is too expensive but to not have them on at all is just a money saving step too far and is putting the public at risk”.

Jordan, Tracy’s daughter’s finance had been drinking with friends in Ammanford on Saturday, January 23 when he was attacked on Quay Street near the Old Cross pub.

He was heading home around 11.20pm with a friend when he was attacked.

Tracy said: “He had bumped into a man as they were walking and the man turned back and head butted Jordan.

“The man then proceeded to attack him when he was on the floor and Jordan’s friend ran-off for help. When he was finished the man just walked off.

“Jordan was lying on the floor for about twenty minutes before he got up. He walked all the way to my house in Glanaman in a daze.

“We were horrified by the state of his face and it’s taken a long time for him to get over the attack, physically and emotionally.”

Tracy said the family were ‘disgusted’ to find the CCTV cameras had not been turned on when the attack took place.

“CCTV did not pick up the attack because apparently it wasn’t recording, so there is no record of the attack and finding the attacker is nearly impossible. “How are they supposed to deal with incidences like this if they are not recording?

“I was told it’s to do with money saving, but that’s what they said when the stopped live monitoring -how much more money do they need to save? “Surely public safety is far more important.”

Referencing another man who was assaulted in the same area she continued: “After what happened to Paul Pugh surely it should be made a priority to have Ammanford covered, ideally live monitored but if not, then at least switched on and recording.”

Community Safety Manager for Carmarthenshire County Council, Kate Thomas said: “We are investigating this matter that has been reported to us.”

Dyfed-Powys Police are investigating the assault and any witnesses or anybody with information are being urged to call 101.

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Baby died an hour after birth following ‘failings’ by Health Board



A BABY died just minutes after being born following failings by Hywel Dda Health Board, a damning report by the Public Services Ombudsman has found.

Callum James was born at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen on May 5, 2016, but died less than an hour later despite attempts to resuscitate him.

His parents, Ellie and Christopher James from Haverfordwest, complained that there had been a failure to monitor Callum’s development during pregnancy and to provide a birthing plan.

Mrs James also complained that the Health Board failed to respond to unusual pains during labour and to conduct necessary tests.

The report states there were also delays in Callum receiving treatment after he was born due to the First Consultant being sent to the wrong ward, delaying emergency treatment by 12 minutes.

The Health Board said that, in its view, there were no unnecessary delays in the attempts to resuscitate Callum, as the midwives in attendance had been trained in neonatal resuscitation.

In addition, the Ombudsman found that Callum’s death was also incorrectly registered as a stillbirth rather than neonatal death.

The report says Callum was ‘pale’ and ‘floppy’ at birth and immediately transferred to a resuscitation table where a team of medics worked for over half an hour to save his life.

The Ombudsman upheld the complaint that there had been a failure to monitor Callum’s development during pregnancy and labour and to provide a birthing plan.

Hywel Dda agreed to implement all of the Ombudsman’s recommendations, including providing Callum’s parents with an apology and £4,500 for the distress caused.

The Board also agreed to change Callum’s cause of death from ‘stillborn’ to ‘neonatal death’.

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3,000 Welsh landlords still unregistered



JANET FINCH-SAUNDERS AM has called on the Welsh Government to urgently work to improve landlord registration under Rent Smart Wales, as estimates released indicate around 3,000 remain unregistered.

Ms Finch-Saunders said: “Rent Smart Wales estimates that still 3,000 landlords are unregistered here in Wales.

“Whilst that makes up a small percentage of our total landlords, it is most concerning for those living in properties leased to them by those who have not yet registered.

“The Welsh Government has confirmed that a landlord who is not registered with Rent Smart Wales is unable to serve a valid Section 21 eviction notice – so where unregistered landlords do indicate that they want tenants to vacate a property, this is not recognised by local housing associations, which can cause stress to tenants who may not be aware of their full rights under the law.

“By focusing on ensuring that all landlords are properly registered, the Welsh Government can alleviate such concerns, and I will be urging the Cabinet Secretary to act to ensure all landlords are abiding by this legislation in full.”

The Minister for Housing and Regeneration told Ms Finch-Saunders that the latest figures released by Rent Smart Wales show that 90,812 landlords are now registered. Rent Smart Wales’ latest estimate for the number of unregistered landlords is approximately 3,000.

This is based on the dwelling stock estimates recently published by StatsWales, and an estimation of the average number of properties owned by each landlord.

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Care home honour Armed Forces Day



PLAS Y DDERWEN in Johnstown will be celebrating Armed Forces Day on Thursday, June 28, with a big brew up supporting SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity.

SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity, formerly known as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, provides lifelong support to serving men and women and veterans from the British Armed Forces and their families. Armed Forces Day is a chance to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community.

Janet Williams, Activities Coordinator, said: “It is very important that we keep the memories of those who fought alive and that we also think about those involved in conflicts around the world today. We welcome anyone that wishes to attend and will have the chance to meet the team and look around the home.”

Plas Y Dderwen is part of Barchester Healthcare, one of the UK’s largest care providers, supporting older people living independent lives over the last 25 years.

Barchester services include residential care and nursing care as well as expert dementia care.

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