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Parents warned after paedophile jailed



A JUDGE has begged parents to check their daughters’ internet activity after hearing how an Ammanford paedophile persuaded teenage girls to send him naked photographs of themselves.

Thomas William Cannon, aged 32, even talked one into performing a sex act on herself and filming herself for him.

Judge Geraint Walters told Swansea crown court, “This is a lesson for all of us.

“Parents’ obligations include keeping an eye on their internet activity.
“It is not a bad thing if they take an interest in what their children are doing on the internet.”

He was speaking after hearing how Cannon carried on offending despite being cornered in a car park by vigilantes.

Cannon, of Parklands. was jailed for five years for a string of sex offences against underage girls.

Robin Rouch, prosecuting, told the court how Cannon joined an internet chat room and connected with a “Laura, aged 15.”

“Laura” was a decoy invented by a group of paedophile hunters, but Cannon exchanged more than 2,000 messages with “her,” many of them sexual.

Cannon sent “Laura” photographs of his penis and eventually arranged to meet her at the McDonald’s in Cross Hands, intending or hoping, said Mr Rouch, to have sexual intercourse with her.

He was pounced upon by vigilantes.

Mr Rouch said Cannon was arrested for attempting to entice an underage girl to engage in sexual activity. Police removed a computer from his home and discovered he had downloaded indecent images of children.

Despite not being scared when the police came knocking‘, Cannon set about a second series of offences.

Mr Rouch said he joined a different chat room, posted a story of a sexual nature and waited to see who responded.

Then he filtered out the girls aged 14 and 15–this time real people–and began messaging five of them.

He managed to persuade a 14-year-old girl to send him photographs of her private parts and to insert a foreign object into her vagina.

Judge Geraint Walters said that would hit her, and hit her hard when she was older.

Judge Walters, one of the most senior judges in Swansea, said in his experience the regret and shame later felt by a female who behaved like that when a teenager could be life-changing.

Cannon admitted a total of 13 offences, all of them sexual and involving underage girls.

Defence barrister James Hartson said Cannon had been blisteringly frank with the police and recognised that he needed help.

Judge Walters issued a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, restricting his access to young girls and the internet, and told him to register with the police as a sex offender, both orders to run indefinitely.

The confrontation with the paedophile hunters should have scared him senseless but instead he carried on offending regardless.


Man who breached restraining order three times jailed



A CARMARTHEN man who breached a restraining order three times within a month has been jailed.

Gary Rees, aged 47, admitted approaching a woman on December 27 and was jailed for 20 weeks.

Judge Paul Thomas told Rees, of Llys Picton, it was time for him to grow up and act his age.

Ian Ibrahim, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that in November Rees was convicted of battery previously against the woman.

Magistrates issued a restraining order banning Rees from contacting her.

But on December 8 he breached the order and was fined, and five days later he did it again and received a suspended prison sentence of eight weeks.

On December 27 he again went to her home.

Mr Ibrahim said the woman opened the door to put out some rubbish and was startled to find Rees standing there.

She knew he was drunk and told him to leave but he pushed his way in and sat on a settee.

She then called the police and Rees was arrested and held in custody.

Judge Thomas told Rees that court orders had to be abided by.

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Cold temperatures likely to lead to icy conditions



A YELLOW weather warning is in place over Wales from 10pm tonight (Jan 16) and 11am tomorrow morning (Jan 17).

As temperatures drop, there is a strong chance of ice patches causing dangerous conditions for motorists.

Icy patches developing with wintry showers also affecting some areas.

What to expect

  • Some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces
  • Probably some ice on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths
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Next stage of works to clear Cwmduad landslide



PHASE two of the works to stabilise a landslide in Cwmduad has begun following the recovery of a lorry from the river below.

Carmarthenshire County Council is leading the operation to clear the site and re-open the A484 for traffic travelling between Carmarthen and Newcastle Emlyn, following the landslide in October.

Phase one, which commenced before Christmas, created a safe zone for the recovery of a lorry that was swept in to the river during the storm.

That recovery took place earlier today (Monday, January 14, 2019).

Phase two, to permanently stabilise the embankment, involves complex drainage and geotechnical works.

The highway structure will then be assessed before any indication can be given as to when the road will re-open.

The council has thanked the community, and affected commuters, for their patience whilst site assessments and works have been underway.

Ruth Mullen, Director of Environment for Carmarthenshire County Council, said: “We are now making progress in what has been a highly complex operation and legal process between the council, partner agencies and the landowner.

“We fully appreciate the impact this has had on the community, and we wish to reiterate that we have worked without delay to undertake site investigations in the immediate aftermath of the landslide, along with clearance and construction works to make the area safe.

“We are working as quickly as we can to re-open the road as soon as possible, and would like to thank those affected most sincerely for their patience.”

Until the road is re-opened, traffic will continue to be diverted along the B4333 Carmarthen – Newcastle Emlyn.

Additional bus services remain in place:

  • A shuttle service currently runs from Cwmduad to Tycoch to catch the 460 service at 7.25am, 9.35am and 10.55am. Return journeys are at 2.25pm and 4.45pm.
  • The 460 service is currently operating on a diversion route
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